So, Where Does This Leave Us?

We really don’t have a clear answer.

Now that we’re out of court, it seems like we’re now past what we had anticipated would be the longest wait in the process. It seemed like we just fast-forwarded the process by several months, but with the elections coming up next month, there is still the US Embassy warning that adoption travels will be delayed. Or not. Reading the online discussion boards of those adopting through our agency from the DRC, it seems like unexpected delays are the rule, rather than the exception. But we just experienced an acceleration of the timeline.

When will we travel? January? March? Next summer? Later?

Those who are seasoned in international adoption warn not to get caught up in projected timelines because the only thing we can be sure of is that things will not go as planned, especially in a country that is new to international adoption. Planning, predicting, stressing about timelines expends unnecessary energy, and can lead to unnecessary frustration.

And unnecessary worry.

And I refuse to worry. God’s call is clear. The timeline was established long before we even began considering adoption.

So, we’ll continue to file paperwork when we need to, answer requests for information, and consider items needed for travel. But we’ll leave the rest to God.

Resting in the Lord is not dependent on your external circumstances at all,

but on your relationship with God Himself.” — Oswald Chambers


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