Nearly Free Embellished Skirt

This weekend’s free crafting project started with a rather homely skirt. Several years ago, I came across this skirt at the Goodwill Outlet, where items are priced by the pound. I’m pretty sure that I paid less than a dollar for it, even though it was brand new with the tags still on. It was a Sag Harbor, and is wrinkle resistant, which I like. It had pockets, and came with a belt, which I soon commandeered for other outfits. The only real problem with the skirt was that it was plain. I tucked it in the back of the closet, where it has waited for some help.


Help came this weekend.

I went to my legendary fabric stash, and pulled out these fabrics:

I also had a t-shirt that we had picked up for free at Food Truck Tuesdays at Second Harvest Food Bank, but when we got home, we realized it was gigantic.

And of course, my button stash came in handy once again.

I started by making some yoyo’s. Tracing circles with around a container lid, I traced out 12 circles for yoyo’s. Tutorials for yoyo’s abound, including one I found here.


I also created some knit flowers. To make those, I cut out sets of 3 successively smaller roughly circular shapes. I used this tutorial as a guide to make them into flowers.

After some quick stitching, I came up with these. They were all so easy to make!


I assembled all of the flowers together at the bottom of one side of the front slit of the skirt, and sewed the flowers into place.



What started out as a plain skirt is now going to be a new favorite! I’m going to use the extra yoyo circles for a brooch to match!


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