What happens when a pastor and a physician assistant begin to consider God’s plan for a family? An adventure of laughter, love, heartache, and blessings! We chose to adopt two biological siblings from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through the ups and downs of our adoption journey, we’ve learned much about ourselves, our church family, and about the faithfulness of God. We brought our children to our home on August 21st, 2012.



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  1. Hello,

    My name is Emily Berger. I am 21 and the second oldest child in our family of seventeen. We live near Lacombe, AB, Canada where my dad is a pastor. In September 2005 we adopted two children (siblings) from Liberia, West Africa. In July 2008 my dad and older brother headed back to Liberia to bring home the three year old twins. Less then two months ago, my Dad traveled to Vietnam to bring home the newest member of our family, a ten-month-old little boy!

    I publish/edit a print magazine, Earthen Vessels. It is a quarterly, donation funded, print publication received by over 120 families in over twelve countries. Earthen Vessels is a publication celebrating family, youth entrepreneurship, missional living, adoption, faith and lifestyle learning.

    My mom recently showed me your blog. She was directed from “Grafted In.” Would I be able to get permission to print your blog post “Bragging Rights” in the next issue of Earthen Vessels? If you would like to see a copy of Earthen Vessels first, I’d be happy to send you one.

    Emily Berger
    Editor, Earthen Vessels Magazine

  2. HI- I am so happy to have found you. We are also adopting – having accepted referrals for two unrelated children, both age 5. I would be so grateful if you could find the time to contact me- I have some questions for you. I know you are busy and the transition may not allow for it, but when you can, please do. Thank you and we will pray for your family.

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