Let the Paperwork Begin!

We met with a social worker this week who will be writing our home study. You can imagine how difficult it was to try to sum up the events of the last nine months, and not sound completely crazy. Fortunately, she shares our love for God and knows of His love for adoption. She also validated many of the emotions and concerns we had as we begin a new chapter in adoption. In short, she is fabulous.

We will not have to start from scratch — we’ll just have to do an update of our  home study. Unfortunately for us, that really means starting over. All of the autobiographies, essays on adoption, income statements, budgets, marriage surveys questions, physical exams and blood work, letters from employers, criminal background checks, tax information, birth certificates, marriage license, and on and on and on have to be put together again.


Didn’t we just do this 8 months ago?

But when I think of those sweet little faces on the other side of the world, what would I not do for them? So I’m stretching my writing muscles, and dusting off the filing cabinet.

We’re going to power through and complete all of it before our next meeting with our social worker, if possible. We meet with her next Wednesday at noon.

Wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “Let the Paperwork Begin!

    • Ha! Thanks Katie. I may or may not have already had a Hershey’s bar. I found out that I lost 20 pounds when I went to the doctor today, so I celebrated with chocolate . . . maybe! 🙂

      • WOOT! Way to go! Chocolate weight loss diet. (((((((((hugs)))))))))))) was thinking about making a walking stick for you to auction towards adoption. Can you do an auction or should I try to sell it myself & give you the proceeds?

  1. Get started!!!! No life for you for the next 6 days. Get it done. No pressure or anything. Your children are waiting for ya! And I am waiting to see their smiling faces!

    • I’ve already pulled up some of the Word documents where I had answered a lot of the same questions. I sure hope that works. Went to the doctor today and was stuck by several needles. Sent requests to my employer.

      I think Saturday’s going to be my big day to do the hefty writing. Fortunately, I’ve had some recent practice!

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