We’re Not Chicken About . . . Chicken

We will not let our sense of dignity get in the way of receiving free food, especially when it comes to free Chick Fil A! Today was Cow Appreciation Day, and our 5th year of celebrating the deliciousness of their chicken sandwiches and nuggets.

The ChickFiliciousness has definitely become a trend, and we were happy to see our favorite fast food restaurant packed — especially since it included our friends, the Millers and the Purinos. They obviously share our good taste and poor sense of pride.

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We couldn’t help but think about our hopes to dress up two little ones in calf costumes next year. We’re hoping our kids will appreciate the fun and free Chick Fil A — or at least the play area!


5 thoughts on “We’re Not Chicken About . . . Chicken

    • We keep a roll of contact paper specifically for this event. All we do each year is cut out about 20 “spots” and stick them to an all-black outfit. You should join us next year! We’ll even provide the spots!

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