The Home Stretch

We were able to get our embassy appointments today! They are June 14th for paperwork dropoff, and June 18th for the interview. Technically, they are not appointments for us, they are for the kids, and we’re not even present. Then we will travel 2-3 weeks later. There are several other things that need to happen between now and travel.

  • The kids have their medical exams.
  • We (and by we, I mean Ken) finish off our vaccinations.
  • Kids are issued their travel visas.
  • We are issued a letter of invitation to travel.
  • Travel plans are made.
  • Our visas are issued.
  • Plane tickets are purchased.
  • Pay a ginormous amount of money for all of the above.

I think the funniest part is that we cannot make buy plane tickets until we have a visa, but we cannot get a visa without submitting our itinerary for travel from the airlines. Make sense?

But most of all of that happens in between the embassy appointments and travel.

So what do we do between now and then?

Get ready for two kids to join us!

I must admit, given our previous unsuccesfful attempts at adoption, we’ve procrastinated on the actual purchasing of “the stuff,” meaning booster seats, clothing, bedding, toys, books, etc. A part of us won’t believe it’s really happening until we actually get across the U.S. border with them. But considering that they are actually ours, and we’re now just in the process of getting them to the U.S., I suppose we should get our act together and stop procrastinating and get ready for these kids to come home!


6 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. We are so excited to meet your little ones. We would love to help you get ready — tell us what your needs are!

  2. Do you have a gift registry? Do you know what “sizes” they are yet? Let us know as soon as you do! 🙂

  3. See it’s happening. You are bringing them home. Now the hardest part is ahead of you, parenting! You’ll think when you first lay eyes on them that you love them, but later on out of the blue, this crazy, heart breaking, from the depths of your heart kind of love hits you like a food truck. For me it was after one of the worst days I’ve had with Mr. T. I’m overjoyed with you and for you. The laborious and painful road that brought you here, the hard wait and process of these adoptions will be something you sit in wonder over when you face this new “hard” stuff coming your way. I can’t wait to continue on the journey with you as we work together to love these amazing children God has entrusted to us.

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