Holy Roller Coaster Batman!

After the exciting news a few days ago about passing immigration, we were hit with several successive pieces of information that took the wind right out of our sails.

First was the new rule that we could not ask for an embassy appointment for our kids until we had passports for them. Previously, the wait for the passports had occurred during the wait for the embassy appointment. It’s been taking many families about 6-8 weeks after getting immigration approval to get their passports, and it’s also been taking about 6-8 weeks to get an embassy appointment. So the processes had been concurrent, until about 2 weeks ago. Now they’re sequential.

Then came the news that there was a new rule about how many embassy appointments could be scheduled. They’ve just changed it to 2 per week for the immediate future until a new employee can be trained. Total. For all agencies. Besides our agency, there are likely more than a dozen other agencies who are also requesting embassy appointments. So while appointments had been scheduled 6-8 weeks out, with the new decision to only process 2 per week, the timeline would likely and quickly grow. Perhaps by months. It wasn’t just a slow down. It was a near stop.

So yesterday we realized if you add the 6-8 week wait for passports to the already 6-8 week wait for embassy appointments, which is getting longer every day, and then tack on getting visas, we realized that we were looking at adjusting our timeline from around 2 months to at least 5 months. It looked like it was quite possible that we wouldn’t have our kids home by Christmas. AGAIN. (They were supposed to be home last Christmas.)  

BUT THE KIDS’ PASSPORTS CAME IN TODAY. Our embassy appointment has been requested, and we should find out Monday when it is. Then we’ll have a pretty good idea of when we’ll be travelling to get them!

I cannot tell you what a gigantic relief this is. I couldn’t even explain how bleak things looked until about 2 hours ago. What had gone from elation from getting immigration approval had gone to absolute despair realizing that we had been caught by rule changes and policies that just came up in the last few weeks.

Now we’re back to elation!

Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for those of you who prayed, who didn’t even know how very much we needed prayers. Our kids have to be some of the most prayed-over children on the planet! Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Holy Roller Coaster Batman!

  1. It’s seriously SO excited to see God working through this WHOLE process! I agree, your kids are SUPER prayed over and I’m glad we can a part of it!

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