Our File, Part 2

I dreamed last night that we received a letter from Immigration today.

When I opened the mailbox, indeed, we received two letters from Immigration today, one for each child. No huge news, just that they received our file on April 5th and are processing it. So there’s nothing more to do than just wait some more. And pray for our paperwork to be found without fault. And wait. And pray for the officer who is reviewing our file. And wait. And pray that we will not go absolutely crazy with all the waiting while our children wait in an orphanage in Africa.


4 thoughts on “Our File, Part 2

  1. We are on the same timeline. Just got our confirmation letter from USCIS as well. We are also going through OWAS so we may be traveling together. Would love to connect, so shoot me an email!

  2. We are also adopting through OWAS and just got our USCIS confirmation letter. We are probably on the same timeline. Would love I connect, so shoot me an email.

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