Our File

Our file was sent to immigration over a week ago, and I know that by now, it is sitting in a pile on an officer’s desk.

I know that he or she has a lot of things to do today. I know that they have a lot to do on any day.

I know that they might feel overworked and underappreciated.

The pile of endless paperwork, paperwork, paperwork must get discouraging at times.

After all, they never see the faces of the families that are brought together. They never get to hear “thank you,” or see the tears of joy that come from their work.

They just see hundreds of pages of paper. Names. Birthdates. Court orders. Certificates. Tax records. All day. Every day. Overwhelming. Endless.

So today, I’m praying that whoever that immigration officer is, that God would bless them immensely today. That as their hand brushes against our file, that God would give them a vision: a vision of two small children in an orphanage, of two parents with empty arms, and the hundreds of people who are praying those children home.

I pray that as they process our file in the next few weeks, that God would give them inexplicable joy. I pray that they would catch a glimpse of what it means to give these two children a future, a family who loves them, and an eternal hope. I pray that our file would be more than a stack of papers, but a beautiful story in which they play a critical role.

We’ll never meet this officer. Chances are, we’ll never even know their name. But God knows them deeply, and knows what they need in their life today to find joy and fulfillment.

And I pray that God would allow our file to be a part of their joy and fulfillment today.



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