The Best Friend I’ll Never Meet

The family who went to the Congo last week to bring home their daughter is now safe and sound in America. While there, Amy (the mom) posted not only on her public blog, but on the private adoption discussion boards that all of us in our adoption group flock to every day. It was there she posted tips, stories, recommendations, and of course the 226 pictures that have put joy and hope in our hearts. For the first time, she allowed us to see our children laughing, playing, and enjoying friends. Her husband is even preparing a video of life in the orphanage that our kids call home.

Be still my beating heart.

Now they’ve posted the homecoming video for their precious new 5 year old daughter, Britnelle. (Kleenex advisory.)

Brittnelle’s Homecoming from AbellMedia on Vimeo.

Even while Amy was in the Congo, she blogged these words,

“I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy…much, much too busy for you.”  There are so many times in my life that I knew God was calling me to do something, but I chose to say, “I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy…much, much too busy for you.”  I always seem to have an excuse why I could not be the one at that moment.  They actually were really good reasons.  It is not good for my kids, I am busy doing these other good things that I want to do, I just cannot afford it…when really God is saying you may not think it is good for your kids, but I will make it a learning and growing experience for them (this journey has had so many teachable moments for our children)…you are doing great things, but I need you here, God says I am in control and will meet all of your needs.  There are more reasons I have used, but God always has a better reason why I should.

“If you see someone who is hurt or in need, maybe its time to perform a good deed and then you will see when you make them feel better you’ll feel better too.”  I can think of so many times in my life when I chose to be too busy and not follow God’s leading and guess what, I regretted it.  I can honestly say I cannot think of a single time I chose to follow God’s leading despite how busy I was or what I had in mind that I was not blessed beyond my greatest imagination.

I have said before adoption is a beautiful picture of God’s love for us.  We had in our minds the way this whole thing was going to go down when God led usto adopt again.  I can assure you it was not to come to Africa.  I had no desire to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to come here.  I had no desire to stay in conditions below what I thought was standard.  I had no desire to eat food I did not want to eat.  I had no desire to sweat uncontrollably just walking out the door, not to mention the ice cold showers.  We liked our family, we had an even number.  Starting with a young child again brings many challenges.  We have already adopted two children…it is someone else’s turn.  I had many, many more excuses, these are just a few.  But we truly felt led here and it would have been way easier to give all the excuses and some of them were pretty good, but today as I sit and listen to this beautiful little girl say, “I love you mama” and reach her hands up for me to pick her up and when I do she throws her arms around my neck and zerberts my cheek…I cannot imagine not following God’s leading.  We have helped a child out of a desperate situation (when you make them feel better), but in four short days she has taught me more about love, trust, hope and myself than I can ever repay (you’ll feel better too).  It is a privilage and an honor to be her mom!

There are so many of us now who dearly love this family that we’ve never met as we’ve shared Amy’s family’s journey and now their homecoming. Instead of just focusing on their family while they were in the Congo, she remembered all of us who are going to be following in their footsteps, waiting with bated breath for any whisper of news or hope. She’s given us both. You can follow her blog at

And now it’s our turn to prepare to go. Though it will be a few more months before we travel, we’ve got to save and raise travel expenses. We can’t use credit cards in the Congo, so financial preparation is key. Our next event is NEXT Saturday at Trevecca’s men’s and women’s basketball games (at 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.) , where a portion of ticket sales will go to help with our travel expenses! We’re so grateful for our Trevecca family offering their support, and hope you’ll join us for some basketball and blessings!


4 thoughts on “The Best Friend I’ll Never Meet

  1. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. Thank you for that tidbit of hope and peace and another confirmation that this crazy journey is so so worth every minute. 🙂 And I would SUPER love to link to the website where you are all getting good travel advice and info!

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