New Pictures

We received new pictures of Rose and Emmanuel yesterday. (And as with all things important, we can’t post them online.) Believe it or not, it was the first full-size picture that we had of the two of them in which we can clearly see what they look like.

The photo actually captures them standing together, and they look like they could be holding hands. They both look healthy and strong. I can tell they are being fed well as their cheeks are full and their bellies are pleasantly preschool pudgy. (We pay ongoing monthly childcare fees to ensure that they are well-fed and cared-for, so at least we don’t have to worry about that.) I so wish I could jump into the picture and tickle under their chins or hug them. Anything to bring a smile to their t00-somber faces.

Hopefully soon.

Many people have asked what the latest is. We really haven’t heard anything since October, and trust me when I say that if there was something to post, my first three moves are:

  1. Tell Ken
  2. Post on Facebook
  3. Post on the blog, which also posts on Facebook

All within minutes. Promise. I know not having updated the timeline or info pages makes it seem like I’ve neglected them. There’s nothing that I’d love more than to update them. There’s just nothing to update.

I am really excited for those ahead of us in the process of adopting from the DRC through our agency. Paperwork seems to be flying and progress is being made. There are a number of families who will be travelling in the next couple of months. Hopefully we won’t be far behind them!


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