If You’ve Ever Wondered What an Adoptive Family Is Going Through

Laugh. Cry. Giggle. Snort.

This article is a hilarious but honest look at adoption and what it’s like to be an adoptive family, both before the “homecoming at the airport,” and especially afterwards. Some of the comments are pretty funny too!

3 thoughts on “If You’ve Ever Wondered What an Adoptive Family Is Going Through

  1. I loved it! I think you need to print that post and hand it out to everyone you know so they can have a guide.
    It is very easy for people to say “something”…I think we want to have the answer to someone’s pain. I think we all learn from our own suffering and tragedies that trite answers make us want to stab someone’s eyes out. Then we look back and think, “oh, I have probably given a trite answer once or twice.”
    I think “I will pray for you” or “What are your needs?” are two of the most helpful things people can say.
    What I would like to tell you is, please don’t be afraid to tell us how you are doing–the good and the bad. You have so many people who love you and want to help.
    Bless you for adopting and for changing two children’s tragic stories.

  2. Wow! What a great picture of adoption! I’ve always thought we’d adopt at some point in our lives international or local… very good insight! I wish we were closer to support you more first hand through this process but I definitely am praying right now!

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