Adoption Update

We got some additional information on our kids today, including their birthdates (which I can’t share) and a bit of their background of how they came into care (which I also can’t share).

But what I can share is that we officially know how old they are. Emmanuel has had a birthday since his referral and is now 5 years old. Rose won’t turn 4 for quite a few months. They are almost exactly 18 months apart in age.

This information makes me feel better on several different levels. Of course it feels great to know when our kids’ birthdays are. I’m also even more glad that we can keep them together, especially being so close in age.  I had also been wondering about the paucity of information known about them, and if that might slow down the process. Now that I know there is more information, I have hope that our adoption process can continue to move forward.

So, while we’re still waiting for our court paperwork to be translated, at least we’ve received some news!


3 thoughts on “Adoption Update

  1. oh how awesome!!!!!!!! Your children are close ages to Jakobi and Maylee!!! That’s pretty awesome too. 🙂

    JoEllen and Burke

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