If It Could Kill Bugs, I Wouldn’t Need Ken

I often joke with Ken that God made husbands to: 

  1. Open jars
  2. Kill bugs

And a list of other things, of course, but these are certainly at the top of the importance list.

My jar-opening skills could use some help, which Pampered Chef provides with the Easy Opener!


The Easy Opener opens jars, 2-Liter bottles, and pop cans (soda cans, Coke cans, or whatever you call them). It has a magnet on the back, so it can be kept on your refrigerator, so it’s not lost in the junk drawer. (Doesn’t everyone have a kitchen drawer where things go to get lost?) It’s great for saving sanity, saving fingernails, and serving as a substitute man-hands every once in a while when it comes to opening jars. And for only $5, it makes a great stocking-stuffer!

Thanks for participating in our online Pampered Chef party!


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