Do “Practical” Gifts Make Good Christmas Presents?

“Is it okay to give someone kitchen gadgets for Christmas?” my husband cautiously asked when I told him we were having an online Pampered Chef party for adoption.

Here’s my take on “practical” gifts.

It depends.

I think the secret to great Christmas gift-giving is knowing that you’re buying something that the gift recipient would love but wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves. Maybe the item is more expensive than something they’d buy for themselves, or better quality than something that they have that is adequate, or solves a problem or meets a need that the person has (even if they don’t know they have it).  Let’s face it, none of us need a pearl necklace, a cashmere sweater, or an remote car starter, but the thoughtfulness of those gifts is appreciated because they’re not something we’d typically purchase for ourselves.

I think of much of Pampered Chef products in the same way. Do I really need a new pitcher for drinks? Probably not. But would I really love a Family-Sized Quick-Stir pitcher? Yes! We stopped drinking carbonated beverages about a year ago, which means we make a LOT of Crystal Light and Country Time Lemonade, and the Family-Sized Quick-Stir pitcher would make that easier. I have the smaller size, which I love, but find that I have to refill it almost every meal, so I’d like the upgrade!

 Regular measuring spoons for Christmas? Probably not. Adjustable measuring spoons for Christmas? I’d love them!

That’s my take on practical gifts for Christmas. Consider the recipient. Is the item more expensive or of nicer quality than the recipient would buy, or does it solve a problem or meet a need for them? Those make perfect gifts! 


What’s your take on “practical” gifts? Do you like them? What Pampered Chef products would you like for Christmas?


2 thoughts on “Do “Practical” Gifts Make Good Christmas Presents?

  1. I love practical gifts! I only like to give 2 kinds of gifts – those that I know the recipient will LOVE for whatever reason and those that are practical (and thus will be used and loved). I don’t like to receive impractical gifts so I don’t like to give them either.

  2. I am a fan of practical Christmas gifts. Some favorites that I have received include a garbage disposal (probably my #1), my red Kitchen Aid stand mixer, a crockpot, a printer/scanner, a DVD player, and car mats. Now most of these were things I asked for, and I think that is the key. It all depends on the receiver. I love kitchen gadgets and would be very excited to get anything from the Pampered Chef catalog!

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