Thankful Thoughts: Congo Contemplations

Today, I’m thankful for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a time when many countries are closing down their international adoption programs, the DRC is continuing to process adoptions, even for infants, which is increasingly rare. Their country has seen much war and destruction of infrastructure, yet they are allowing other countries to assist them in finding homes for their orphans. Sometimes its easier for countries to just close their doors while they heal. The DRC has opened its doors for help to enter.

The people of the DRC are also establishing a democratic process in the country. Democracy can be messy. News from the DRC this week has indicated that there is significant violence, repression, instability, and concern that preparations for the election will not be ready by November 28th. And yet this election and its aftermath is something we must wait through and the government must reorganize before our adoption can be processed. Sometimes democracy comes at a high price. I’m thankful that in spite of the obstacles and dangers, the DRC is committed to hearing the voice of its people.

So today, I’m thankful for, and praying for, the Democratic Republic of Congo. This month is one of the most important in their history, and therefore a very important month in our lives as well.


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