Thankful Thoughts: Dream a Little Dream With Me

A guest post by Ken

I am thankful for dreams. Not the counting sheep and pajamas variety, but those are pretty good as well.

I am thankful for the kind that inspire, that cause you to keep on when you feel like giving, or the “we’ve never tried that before” type of dreams.

We continue on our path towards adoption because of the power of dreams.

Tonight as I was driving home from church, I was dreaming about what it will be like when our children are living with us in America. Things that seem so routine will be extraordinary. I started thinking about what it will be like the first time Robin and I take our children to the grocery store. There will be a first time for them to experience the bounty of an American grocery store. I want to be there and I want to see the look on their face as they see the variety and abundance of the produce. I want to say to them, “you can pick any fruit or vegetable you would like”. It may blow their mind!

If you were in their shoes, what would you pick? Would you go with something you’ve tasted before or would you try something that you’ve had before? I think I would go for a watermelon. It’s big! If it’s good, then a lot of it would be great! A tangerine might be tasty, but it would be over before you know it.

Such is the power of dreams. Things may not work out exactly like that, but it’s certainly better to dream about such things than to worry about what might go wrong or might never come to pass.

Perhaps the only thing better than dreams are great memories. And soon we will be making lots of those with our kids!


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