The Perfect Day

Inspired by a few of our favorite things, today Ken and I had a perfect day to celebrate of our 15th anniversary and the payment of our referral fees. The past few years, Ken and I have celebrated our anniversary at Old Hickory Steakhouse, or by buying a NHL Center Ice cable package. This year, we celebrated by taking a day off together to do some of our favorite (or favourite) things.

We started the day by sleeping in. No alarm. We even convinced Holly to sleep in until 8:00 a.m. We enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee before heading out to the post office to mail our referral payment off. (Yeah!)

We had a couple of other stops to make before we headed to Food Truck Fridays at the YWCA on Woodmont Boulevard. We both tried a new food truck: Mere Bulles. I tried the crab cake sliders and mac and cheese bites, while Ken opted for a mac and cheese burger and sweet potato fries. The food was phenomenal!  And I got a slice of pie from Just Like Nannie Fixed It, and Ken got a plum ice from Izzie’s Ice. Picnic tables were set up on the lawn of the YWCA to enjoy the gorgeous weather for the day. With a high of 73 sunny degrees, it was a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.

We then headed to Centennial Park, where we sat on the steps and people-watched, and sketched to our heart’s content. We were particularly fascinated with a man who was sprinting back and forth in front of the steps. On purpose. Curious.

We then turned packed up the car and headed to the Nashville Public Library’s downtown branch. Ken signed up for a library card, and we enjoyed their beautiful facility. There is a cafe in the library that was featured on the Food Network, and we decided to stop for a late afternoon snack special: a latte and piece of cake for $4 total. I got the pumpkin cheesecake, and Ken got a chocolate raspberry cake. Both were amazing! We then walked through the gallery on the second floor, which featured mixed media portraits of the mug shots of the Freedom Riders, who heroically sought to desegregate transportation in the South.  The paintings often contained newspaper articles about their arrests, JFK’s response, and their struggles to promote equality among all races. The story is amazing. The library also features a beautiful courtyard with a fountain, and large study rooms. We were genuinely amazed at all the features of the downtown library — and they even validate parking!

We picked up some groceries before heading home to watch this week’s episode of Survivor. It was one of the best kickoff episodes of a season, ever. We loved it!

Finally, we finished out the evening by making our version of our favorite meal at Old Hickory Steakhouse. We had grilled steaks (which had been marked down for immediate sale at Kroger this afternoon!), applewood smoked blue cheese mashed potatoes, and mascarpone creamed spinach. I must say that we did a pretty good job mimicking our favorite dishes!

But by far, the best part of today was getting to spend some uninterrupted time with each other. We will definitely always treasure our perfect day!

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