Our Miracle Has Arrived!

Six weeks ago, we needed a miracle. We needed $13,000 within 90 days for our referral for a sibling pair from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and we didn’t have it. We also needed approximately an additional $4000 for other fees as well. We needed money to rain from heaven, and in fact, it did.

We began to hear from many who told me that God had told them to donate a specific amount to our adoption, and they were doing so out of obedience, out of love for us, and for the plight of these precious children.

As we’ve crunched the numbers, gathered checks, calculated amounts we have received, and funds that our agency received directly, I am excited to announce that our miracle has arrived.

We are paying off our $13,000 referral fee and our $1000 post-placement deposit fee  TOMORROW.  God didn’t even need 90 days. In half that time, through the generosity of His saints, we are paying the fees to be able to rescue this 3-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy. We stepped out in faith, not knowing how the miracle would happen, but many of you stepped out in faith right along side us.

Thank you for travelling this journey with us. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your prayers and kind words.

And thank you sweet Lord for our miracle!

We hope to be able to pay off the final $2300 agency fee within the next couple of weeks, and the remainder of our vaccinations when we get them next week. We will then be transitioning to raising funds for travel expenses. We’re estimating at least $6000 for flights alone for all four of us, but it is difficult to predict airline fares, especially if we need to travel with little notice. We are planning on saving money by staying at a convent in Kinshasa, rather than a hotel, which will also provide us with economical meals as well. We’ve already paid over $21,000 of the expected $28,000 total, and it looks like total expenses will be closer to $30,000.

We know that we still have a way to go to raise the funds that we need by the time we travel, but it seems small in comparison to $13,000 in 90 days! The bulk of the “ransom” has been paid!



15 thoughts on “Our Miracle Has Arrived!

  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! What wonderful news! Hooray! Praise the Lord! And continually praying that the rest of the money that you need will come swiftly and fully!

    Can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. When I read this I imagined greeting your children, I have the tears in my eyes still. Can’t wait for the day I tell you, “This is just how I imagined it would be.” Love you both.

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