A Few of Ken’s “Favourite” Things

After compiling a list of my favorite things a few days ago, a challenged Ken to answer the same question. This causes me to come to the conclusion that indeed opposites do attract.

And thus, I present Ken’s Favourite (because that’s how you spell it in Canada) Things:

Person: Robin
Ice cream: Reese peanut-butter cup / Ben and Jerry’s Everything But The Kitchen Sink Ice Cream (seriously they make that!)
Musical: is this a trick question?
Movie: Last of the Mohicans / Blackhawk Down
Restaurant: Old Hickory Steakhouse in Opryland Hotel
Food truck: Riff’s
TV Comedy: Big Bang Theory
TV reality show: Survivor
Music: David Crowder Band
Color: french blue
Cheese: gouda
Pasttime: racquetball / walking the dogs
Song: Come Awake (DCB) / Like a Lion (Kristian Stanfill) / The Stand (Hillsong United) / This is Home (Switchfoot)
Fruit: fresh peaches
Drink at Starbucks: grande, caramel mocha (yes to the whip cream question)
Thing to do: drink coffee and watch people / kayak
Food Network stars: Michael Symon / Guy Fieri
City: Fredericton, NB
Beach: Cape San Blas
Book: Moments with the Savior by Ken Gire
Sandwich: Boar’s Head Buffalo Chicken with hickory smoked Gruyere cheese on sour dough bread with a hint of orange-mustard

Outfit: jeans and a grey t-shirt
Olympic sport: hockey / biathalon
Board game: racko


2 thoughts on “A Few of Ken’s “Favourite” Things

  1. It’s late. I am tired. I also read your blog in my Google Reader so it looks a little different. Plain text, different spacing.

    With that said, let me tell you that when I read the list, I first read the item, “Thing to do” as: “Drink coffee and watch people kayak.”

    I think I chuckled then I reread it and laughed at myself that time. Though I think drinking coffee and watching people kayak would be amusing as well.

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