Good Greek

Anywhere there is a free event with food, music, and hordes of people in costume, you’ll find us. And thus, Ken and I enjoyed the fantastic 70 degree evening at the 24th annual Greek festival tonight.

The festival features arts and crafts, jewelry, church tours, children’s activities, dancing, and a wide selection of Greek food — from appetizers to entrees to desserts and pastries. There was a great crowd there tonight enjoying a beautiful evening outdoors, and the fun and festivities continue all weekend.

Admission is $2 at the gate, or you can print free tickets here.

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We had a great time being Greek for an evening!


3 thoughts on “Good Greek

  1. Oh, and congratulations on being halfway to your adoption goal! I have been watching for that! Hooray! (Sorry about al of the exclamation points!!!) 😉

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