Wrong Thinking

A guest post by Ken

I have a bone to pick with David Platt, the author of Radical Together. Our church is going through his book during our Sunday school hour. Today we did chapter four, The Genius of Wrong. BUILDING THE RIGHT CHURCH DEPENDS ON USING ALL THE WRONG PEOPLE.

“Too often churches in America focus on performances, places, programs, and professionals. In Jesus’ simple command to “make disciples,” he has invited every one of his followers to share his life with others in a sacrificial, intentional, global effort to multiply the gospel through others. This includes not just the “right” people (our most effective communicators, most brilliant organizers, and most talented leaders and artists) but also the “wrong” people (those who are the least effective, brilliant, or talented in the church).” (Radical Together, Platt)

I guess my issue with David Platt is this: Who ever said that the pastors (professionals) are the “right” people?

If anyone thinks I’m the “right” kind of person, I would say to them, “wait until you get to know me.” I certainly don’t want to be on some pedestal. I know I don’t have it all together and I definitely don’t want to act like I do.

When David, a scrawny shepherd boy killed Goliath, a giant and professional soldier, no one thought that it was all David’s doing. They knew God had worked a miracle. And that’s the point. Basically the Bible is all about “wrong” people being used by God. Abraham, Moses, Gideon, and Jonah. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and very wrong!

And if God only uses “wrong”, then I don’t want to be “right”.

I know why God has called me to Hermitage Church. It’s to make a point. No one would ever look at my ministry and think, “those people are there because of that charismatic leader.” It’s silly to even think that.

One of the things that I love about our church is that those of us on staff are all the “wrong kind of people.” I love the pastors I work with and have nothing but the utmost respect for them, but we’re still “wrong” people and we all know it. Numerous times Pastor Howard has shared his story from the pulpit and has talked about his struggles and the challenges he has had to over come. I respect that and I love a pastor who can identify with those who are hurting or struggling. On more than one occasion, I have thought during one of his messages, “Wow, if God can use Pastor Howard, then I might just have a chance.” I appreciate that.

I get Platt’s point: it’s got to be more than a church staff doing all the work. But I just take issue with the assumption that he, or any one else thinks pastors are “right”. The first step in becoming a Christian is realizing “I’m not alright, and I can’t fix that on my own.” Heaven help us if somewhere along the way we think we don’t need Jesus anymore.  
If God only uses “wrong”, then I don’t want to be “right.”

2 thoughts on “Wrong Thinking

  1. Love it. My thoughts aren’t fully formed yet for an eloquent response, but I am right with you Ken. We are so much better when we realize it’s not our grand plans that make the difference, but simply the work of a Savior who loves us in and through our “wrongness.”

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