Such a Strange Way to Celebrate a Birthday

Ken turned 40 years old yesterday, and when I considered having a birthday party, I realized that almost everyone that I would invite would be at Chick Fil A on Wednesday for our Gettin’ Chikin’ for Adoptin’. After getting permission, we decided to celebrate at Chick Fil A with mini-cupcakes!

Thanks to my stockpile from couponing, I was able to make approximately 230 mini cupcakes for less than $6. I arranged the cupcakes to form the shape of Africa (a few are missing from the picture, and you’ll have to use your imagination), but it was a fun way to celebrate both Ken’s birthday, and our adoption. There were yellow cake with lemon icing, devil’s food with cream cheese icing, yellow cake with chocolate icing, and white cake with lemon icing. Considering that we only had a couple dozen left out of more than 200, I think I estimated pretty well!

Friday morning, we started another process toward our adoption travels: vaccinations. Of course, our insurance doesn’t cover the vaccinations, which cost almost $1200 plus the cost of medications that we need to take with us! Ouch! (In more ways than one!) We took half of the vaccinations yesterday, and will take most of the rest next month, with one last dose in six months to confer lifetime immunity (so we won’t have to get the vaccinations again).

I realize that getting shots wasn’t such a fun way to spend a birthday, but in the end, it was great to take another step closer to the Democratic Republic of Congo to bring our kids home. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad way to celebrate a birthday after all!

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One thought on “Such a Strange Way to Celebrate a Birthday

  1. Love the pictures; especially the way Ken appears to be somehow clinging to the arms of the chair, and the nurse who is ALL BUSINESS. Also, cute haircut, Robin!

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