Gettin’ Chikin’ for Adoptin’

On four Wednesdays in August, Chick Fil A is going to allow us to keep a portion of the proceeds made from sales from our friends who eat at Chick Fil A from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.! Perfect timing for heading to or from church! You can eat in the dining area, or get food in drive through!

The more friends who participate, the greater percentage of sales we’ll receive to help us in our adoption from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The dates are:

August 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st at the HERMITAGE Chick Fil A.  


In order for us to get credit for your purchase, you’ll need to put your receipt in a basket at the front counter.


We drive past at least a dozen other restaurants to go to Chick Fil A, usually at least once per week. Why do we love Chick Fil A? Let me count the ways:

  1. Your food is delicious. Always.
  2. Your customer service is not only quick, but accurate, and pleasant.
  3. You offer me several choices of diet beverages, and I enjoy them all!
  4. Your restrooms are clean.
  5. Your employees offer to take my tray, bring me refills, or offer me mints. In short, I feel like you want me there.
  6. I’ve never heard a former employee say anything but great things about working in your restaurant, and they continue to eat there too.
  7. You’re quick to make your customers happy – whether it’s giving kids ice cream instead of toys with their kid’s meals, giving extra dipping sauce, or handing out coupons.
  8. You invest significant money into foster children, college students, marriages, and Christian leadership principles. All things that I care deeply about as well.
  9. Your corporate purpose is: “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to our care,” reminding us that we can glorify God, no matter what our vocation.

But you know why I love you most, Chick Fil A?

You’re going to help us raise money for adoption!  

Would you consider Gettin’ Chikin’ for Adoptin’ those nights? Would you help us bring our children home?


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Chikin’ for Adoptin’

  1. Would I consider it?!?!? We will be there! Can’t promise I will make it to all four Wednesdays due to the birth of baby boy, but I will send my family without me (and tell them to bring me something home). We love, love, love CFA. I take the kids there all the time-they love the food and are able to play in a clean play area. And Ms. Linda is our favorite there-yes, we know her by name and she knows us. The owner of that CFA (Randy) really is a great guy and knows how to keep everyone happy!

  2. Very cool! Obviously, it’s a very well-run store. We’ve eaten there pretty much every week for years, and never had a mistake on our order or an impolite employee!

  3. My daughter is arriving from Paris tomorrow to be part of my son’s wedding. We will do our best to come on Wednesdays. We have no cards, so we will ask one at the counter as you recommand. YORI

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