Oh Happy Eating!

Ken and I spent a fun afternoon chasing down our newest-to-us food truck. Fortunately, we didn’t have far to go. Happy Eating was parked out in front of Happy Japan on Bransford Avenue in Berry Hill.

We don’t consider ourselves well-versed in Japanese cuisine, other than sushi, but we were willing to try some new flavors and foods. Happy Eating was a great choice for Japanese-inspired fusion cuisine.

At first the menu looked a little bland, until we saw the specials of the day. The Hiro Tacos immediately caught my eye: terrayaki chicken with asian slaw, rice and a side of grilled pineapple. And sweet potato curry fries with a side of wasabi mayo? Yes please! Ken chose BBQ steam buns, gyoza (vegetable-filled dumplings), and another order of sweet potato curry fries.

The hero of the meal was definitely the Hiro Tacos. Great Japanese flavors in a crispy taco-shaped wonton shell was music to my happy tastebuds. The sweet potato fries had a great sweet heat — especially with the wasabi mayo. Ken’s BBQ rolls were light and delicious, and the gyoza was very good as well, especially the sauce, which I’m fairly certain I could drink a whole bowl of.

The most fun part was the soda. I got a Japanese strawberry soda and Ken got “lychee” flavored soda. When we asked what lychee flavor was, the vendor explained it tasted like what would happen if a grape and a peach got married and had a little baby fruit. If for nothing but to support a blended family, Ken had to try it. Both sodas were delicious, but the best part was trying to open them! We had to peel off the wrapper, pop off the top, push the center of the top out, and then plunge it into the top of the bottle to dislodge a marble, which then allowed us to drink. This is clear evidence that the Japanese must be highly educated — otherwise they would always be thirsty!

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Overall, we LOVED our Happy Eating experience! The food was great, the service was awesome, and even outdoor dining was tolerable in the shade. When we mentioned that we were from the Donelson-Hermitage area, they said that they regularly get asked to come to Hermitage, but aren’t sure where to park the truck. They were completely open to suggestions! Hermitage peeps, would you be interested in getting some food truck traffic? Where would be a good place for them to park? Does anyone want to join us for our next food truck adventure?


9 thoughts on “Oh Happy Eating!

  1. I love it that Ken is wearing his Canada shirt on your Japanese culinary adventure! 🙂 I would love a food truck adventure… I wonder if there are any in MS!

    • I thought it was pretty funny too! It’s pretty great what you can get at Target on clearance in the US. I’m not sure about food trucks in MS, but it’s definitely a trend — especially if you watch the Food Network!

  2. I GOL (giggled out loud) when you said that Ken had to try the soda of for no other reason than to support a blended family – love your writing and your sense of humor 🙂

  3. I love reading your posts each day. Most of the time I laugh, but sometimes I just cry. Keep posting, I love it. Maybe one day Ken and I can join in the food truck fun!

    • Oh, thank you Kylee. We’ve run the full range of emotions over the past few months. It’s been healing to share with our loved ones what we’ve been through — but also what we hope for the future. And sometimes we need to put the seriousness of purpose aside and just have some fun!

  4. I love your posts. You totally need to call us before you go on your next food truck adventure. If we (or I, for that matter) are able to, we’d love to join you.
    There’s just something about someone handing food out of a truck window that has a certain…. haute culture air to it. 😉

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