A Guest Post by Ken

When Robin asked me if I wanted to see the picture of the two children from the orphanage in the Congo, I thought, “Sure. Why not? What’s the big deal?” It was just a couple of photos. I was interested. Curious even. Who wouldn’t be?

But when I opened the photos, the experience was unexpected. I looked at the two of them and the only way to describe the feeling was one of recognition. Obviously I had never seen them before, but the overwhelming sense was, “Well that’s what my children look like.”

It was like déjà vu.

The children I had been praying for and dreaming about finally had faces.

Beautiful faces.

No smiles. Not yet. But beautiful faces none the less.

To say that they were precious or beautiful to behold is a ridiculous understatement. With the first photo they have stolen my heart. I don’t know how many days it will be until I meet them and hold them in my arms, but now I know who has captured my heart. I wonder who is tucking them in to bed tonight. I pray that they know that there is a couple who are desperate to be with them. To hold them and to promise them they will never be alone again.

It was one thing when Robin and I were discussing sometime in the future adopting some random child or children from among the masses of hurting and helpless orphans in a far off land.

But now, as Robin put it, “OUR CHILDREN are in an orphanage in Africa WAITING for us.”

They are no longer annonymous.

They have faces.

And now they have parents who love them.

Miss them.

And can’t wait to bring them home.


7 thoughts on “Faces

  1. So great to hear part of the story from Ken’s point of view! We have loved watching so many of our friends “find” their children across the world! Eric and Charlene, Troy and Teresa who are picking up their second daughter in Lesotho this week, and now you guys. I just love the way God chooses to bring some families together, and I’m so excited for all of you!

    • Leanne, Ken and I always laugh because when he takes those tests to see if he is a thinker vs. a feeler, he tests off-the-charts on the thinker side. But when he told me this story of seeing the children for the first time, I knew that it was a miracle in more ways than one. I knew he had to write this post!

  2. Just read ALL the posts. So glad you are recording all of this. The triumph, the tragedy, and injustice. It’s so good to chronicle the journey. I recently created an iphoto book on our Mac, with all of the blog posts in our three year long journey to adopt. I haven’t purchased it yet, as it’s $100. Too many pages I guess…. As you know the process was expensive, and now that we have little man, that seems a superfluous expense that can wait. But we WILL buy it, and treasure it always. So excited for the next chapter in this story. Love you guys.

    • Angie, thanks for joining us in the story . . . even though you already know most of it!

      Ken put together my last blog in book form, but did it himself. It was three huge binders!

      Right now, I’m just writing. I’ll figure out what to do with it eventually!

  3. Robin,

    I just got “caught up” with your journey. I can’t wait to meet the children that God has chosen for your family.


  4. I loved reading that! I believe …planned forever to be yours. We can’t wait to meet them. Kyler will have a new buddy!

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