Fun with Flatulence

I blame the spelling list.

It all started about a month ago with the list of words Palmer brought home for the week, which included “art,” and “farm,” and “barn.”

Rather than just having Palmer write out the words, we’ve tried encouraging him to think through how to spell words. We find that he is very good at thinking through sounds and spelling them. He’s actually much better at spelling than reading. Considering he didn’t even know what a letter was 7 months ago, we are more than pleased.

Sometimes, we throw in similar words to his spelling words to see if he can use the same principles to spell new words.

With words like art and farm, what was the next natural word selection?


Sure enough, he spelled it perfectly. We all had a good laugh about that. I am so proud that my son can spell fart.

Today, the issue of flatulence arose again (ahem, Addie), and we revisited the spelling. Sure enough, Palmer can still spell it.

Then I remembered someone telling me about a funny book about a flatulent dog, and I had to find it.

Tonight at bedtime, we introduced the kids to “Walter, the Farting Dog.” What could be more entertaining for a 6 and 8 year old? Palmer laughed so hard, I thought he was going to cry, choke, or pee. Maybe even all three at the same time. This is why I am thankful for my medical training.

We finished the night with some juicy zerberts to the cheek, and again, the kids were in stitches.

My friend, Angie, alerted me on Facebook that there is also a Walter the Farting Dog stuffed animal that makes real farting noises. Nothing says “Easter basket” like candy and a farting dog, don’t you think?

Who knew flatulence could be so fun?


3 thoughts on “Fun with Flatulence

  1. okay, so I had to google the definition of flatulence!! ha! Thanks for the good laugh– I needed it tonight! 🙂 Your kids are so lucky to have a mom with a good sense of humor– oh the memories of laughing with you guys! Miss you!


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