A Week of Beachful Bliss

With Ken and I both working with college students, but in different capacities, we’ve found that there is only one week out of the year that works for vacation for BOTH of us at the same time: the week around Christmas and New Years. Both of our offices are closed, and although Ken follows that week with a huge college conference, he has made it a priority that we take some time off together.

Not only did we need a break from an exhausting year, the kids needed a break from their exhausting year as well. We tried to carefully explain that we were going away for a week to have fun together. We told them about the beach, building sand castles, and the fact that we would be spending Christmas at the beach. And that Santa would find us there.

Not knowing how a road trip with two kids who were having pretty serious behavioral issues would go, we loaded up the luggage, the dogs, and the kids, and headed off for Cape San Blas, Florida.

Ken and I have been vacationing at Cape San Blas since 2000. Our favorite part about it is that there is space to run and play, for kids, dogs, and adults alike. It’s rare to see anyone else even on the beach. And though the weather isn’t as warm as southern Florida, it suits our purposes just fine.

We arrived at the Cape after sunset, the Saturday before Christmas, and when the kids woke up the next morning, they were really excited to get down to the beach. While we were there, we frequently saw a pair of bald eagles, who lived somewhere near our rental house, and a pod of dolphins, who swam just 20 feet from the shoreline, and were very interested in the kids.

The kids were perfect. No tantrums. No pants-wetting. No entitlement or disobedience. They were so perfect, we’ve considered just moving there to escape the reality that faces them in Nashville.

Here’s a glimpse into the rest of our Christmas break.

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We arrived back home in Nashville the following Saturday, and Ken is already off to Atlanta for a conference. We’re back to learning to read, learning letters, and learning English. Tantrums have returned. Entitlement has reared it’s ugly head again.

But for a week at the beach, we took a break from all the progress that has to be made, and we had bliss.


5 thoughts on “A Week of Beachful Bliss

  1. My heart is SO HAPPY reading this! Knowing all 4 of you got a week of respite is so wonderful! Praying for you as life resumes!

  2. I’m always surprised to hear others who have found our little paradise on CSB! We go every Memorial weekend and usually again in the summer, my brother loves it so much he works down there now. It truly is a relaxing place!

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