Someday, We’ll Have One of These

But for now, you can watch this “gotcha day video”:



Check out their blog and their ministry.

In spite of a hefty amount of begging, our embassy appointments have not been changed. We still have several more weeks to wait for the make-up appointments, and a longer wait for visas for the kids after that. Knowing that we should have been preparing for travel by now makes the wait harder. We miss the children we have never met more with each passing day.


8 thoughts on “Someday, We’ll Have One of These

  1. I can’t wait to see your gotcha video. God will find a quick resolution for all the delays you have suffered. You have your own army of prayer warriors behind you and we will prevail!!! Love you both.

  2. That is soooo beautiful! Our prayers are being answered even now. God is preparing you and the children and all of us to love them and help raise them for Him. We are part of a miracle!

  3. Sitting here crying as I try to imagine watching your gotcha video. I can’t wait to see the joy on your faces as you meet your sweet miracles. Continuing to pray that God will break down the barriers that are keeping you apart.

  4. Oh Robin, I am sure your heart is getting antsy for your kiddos!!! (We are all antsy for the day you get to embrace your children!!!) I KNOW you will have one of these videos, in due time. We will continue to pray for you, Ken and your kiddos as you ALL wait for THE DAY you get to be together. We love you guys!

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