One Giant Step Toward Two Small Children

We received word from our agency late this afternoon that our Certificate of Non-Appeal (CONA) came in today! It still has to be translated, but that should just take a “couple days.” 😉  CONA means that the judgment that the childrens’ birth family can no longer change their minds. They are officially OURS.

Our agency is still in communication with the Embassy about the errors in our court documents and what exactly needs to be fixed, and how. But now that it’s the ONLY thing we’re waiting on, I’m hoping that the urgency in figuring this out will increase. Once that fiasco is figured out, we’ll be able to file with U.S. Immigration to start the process of bringing the children home.

So, prayer warriors, cross the CONA off the list! I am 100% certain that the CONA was released because of YOUR prayers! Now, pray for the court documents to be straightened out! God is at work!


3 thoughts on “One Giant Step Toward Two Small Children

  1. Our God is sooooooooooo AMAZING!!! How wonderful to read this update and hear this awesome news!!! Congratulations! Prayers are going up all the time!!! Love you!!

  2. You’ve been in my heart and in my prayers — especially after your last post. I am praising God with you for thishuge answer to prayer. We will continue to pray!

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