Free Coffee! from Our Just Love Coffee Shop

Just Love Coffee reached 4000 Facebook fans (thanks to many of YOU!) and to celebrate, they are offering a “buy three bags, get one free” sale. For every bag purchased through our online store $5 goes toward our adoption! If you’re close to Murfreesboro, you can also buy directly at the store, tell them our names, and they’ll  also credit us with $5 per bag purchased.

Plus, you’ll be getting coffee that is second to none!

At Just Love Coffee Roasters, they carefully roast coffees without using automation or computers during the roast process, but instead carefully roast every batch to perfection using smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. They are always searching for the best Fair Trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee beans available. To ensure that no slave practices were used in your select coffee blends, choose “Fair Trade” options. While the strict infrastructure is simply not available for every type of coffee they roast to be Fair Trade, the heart of Just Love Coffee is to help those in need, so fair labor practices are sought out, even if they cannot achieve the “Fair Trade” certification. Every delectable cup of Just Love Coffee you drink has a portion of its proceeds go to someone who could use a helping hand. In their first two years of business they have given over $200,000 to adopting families, non-profit organizations, and the arts. (Including us!)

This is the perfect weekend to give Just Love Coffee a try! Buy any three 13 oz bags of coffee and get a 4th bag free TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY. The free bag will not show up on your order, but will be added to your box when they pack it for shipping.


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