On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: Nazarenes A-Noshing, Hockey Players Hitting, Donuts A-Dunking, and Sheep A-Baa-ing

We were quite ambitious in our festivities this evening . . . .

Our evening began with our university Christmas party, which is always a great time. There is plenty of delicious food (even better if you haven’t eaten all day!), fun table conversation, our Christmas bonus, and activities. One of the outdoor activities was a couple of sheep for the children to pet. Or maybe the adults too.

From there, we headed to the Mt. Juliet High School hockey game, because what says Christmas more than a hockey game? Wait. Mt. Juliet has a hockey team? That’s what we said! How did we NEVER know this!? It was a pretty good game, including a fight, which we couldn’t quite see. But seven players were ejected from the game so apparently this means that the fight was quite awesome. I’m not sure their mothers would agree.

Afterwards, we joined our hockey-watching friends Mike, Jill, and Erin for donuts, coffee, and conversation at Krispy Kreme.

What a fun evening to mark the end of the semester!


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