On a Wing and a Helicopter

Our friend Michael Waller introduced me to the musical stylings of Wing a few years ago. How does one describe the music of Wing? I find the best description is merely to say that it is indescribable. The level of her professional talent is astounding, and unforgettable. Some might even say it is life-changing. While Wing covers many other artists’ works, when she comes up with her own piece of work, it is indeed a piece of work.

Michael shared this soon-to-be-classic Christmas carol with me, and I knew immediately that I could not keep it to myself. And thus, I introduce to you “Santa Claus on a Helicopter.”

Thank you, Wing, for bringing so much laughter-to-tears into this Christmas season.


6 thoughts on “On a Wing and a Helicopter

  1. I now recall Michael telling us about that, and somehow I forgot to follow up. How can I thank you enough? All I can do is tell you that I am changed forever.

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