Hoops that Help Another Adopting Couple

Our friends Jonathan and Jessica have been huge supporters for us in our adoptive process. We’ve known them since Ken’s RD days, and they are such an awesome couple who have a tremendous heart for orphans. Though they’re adopting from another country, Ethiopia, we’re on the same jorney, and their support for us has been invaluable.

Now we hope to return the favor . . .

Lipscomb University has an amazing program this year for their basketball season. They are selecting an adopting family for each home game to receive a grant from all the ticket sales of that game. Jonathon applied for this Adoption Rally, and they were selected!

They will get all the ticket proceeds from the game! That is ALL of the proceeds. Not a portion. All of it.  The game they were selected for is Saturday, December 3 at noon! They will be recognized during halftime and award their grant then!
Here is a link to order tickets online or you can get them the day of the game! http://lipscomb.streamlineticketing.com/web/section.asp?eventId=82  If you around Nashville, it would be a great event to take part in!

Even if you can’t go, would you consider buying tickets? First of all, it lets Lipscomb know that what they are doing for adoption is awesome! Most importantly, it will go to a great couple as they seek to follow God’s call to adoption!


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