Aren’t These The Cutest?

I received the cutest gift in the mail yesterday from a friend, Laura, who made these

for our kids! I mean, for our little prince and princess. Aren’t they adorable? What you can’t tell as well from the picture is the quality of the work. They are so nicely stitched, shaped, and held together. I am LOVING these crowns! They’ll be great for their little Congolese heads that have never seen winter!

If you’re wondering why we haven’t posted an update lately about the adoption, it’s because we haven’t heard anything. Not a peep. Neither has anyone else in our program. (We have an online discussion group.) We’re not worried, scared, or impatient. We’re simply trusting in God’s timing. But if we did hear anything, I promise this is the first place we would post the news!

In the mean time, it’s so fun to celebrate things like receiving gifts for our little prince and princess! Thanks so much Laura! You definitely made our day!


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