Getting Pampered for Adoption!

Know someone who likes to cook? Looking for a great Christmas gift that makes a difference in the lives of two orphans who will soon be our kids? Look no further than Pampered Chef!

I love Pampered Chef products! Thanks to a generous Pampered Bride shower over 15 years ago, my kitchen was filled with lots of Pampered Chef products, and I have continued to purchase them over the years in between. The products are incredibly durable, and have lasted the 15 year test of time beautifully.

But my favorite reason right now is Pampered Chef is helping me raise funds for our adoption!

I know everyone’s schedule is busy this time of year, and that many of you are many miles away, so I’m hosting a catalogue-only party between now and November 30th. Simply follow this link, select products that you like for yourself or someone else, and select the direct shipping option to have products delivered directly to you — or to someone else. If you live close to Nashville, you can have products shipped to me, if you’d like. Our adoption agency will receive a portion of the sales, which will go directly toward our ongoing adoption expenses.

Not sure what to buy? I can help! I’ll be describing my favorite Pampered Chef products daily until the party closes!

One of my many favorites is the Pampered Chef scoops.

I have them in all three sizes. The largest size is perfect for scooping uniform amounts of cupcake or muffin batter into paper liners, and the small scoop is the perfect size for mini muffins. No more guessing if there’s enough or too much batter.  Before I had these, muffin-making was a drippy and sticky mess! Here’s my favorite small scoop recipe, and here’s where you can get one!

Thanks for continuing to support our adoption!


One thought on “Getting Pampered for Adoption!

  1. What a great idea! I will have to look at doing that for a fundraiser. I didn’t know Pampered Chef could donate to OWA. By the way, I really like the scoops too!

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