Solving the Jewelry Jumble

One of my all-time favorite crafts was one that I made over two years ago, and I still use every day.

This was my jewelry pile. Not fun.

Obviously it’s a tangled mess, and made it hard to find what I want to wear, and even harder to untangle it from the rest of the necklaces.

 Don’t judge me.

But I had an idea. . . To start, I needed a big frame . . . but a inexpensive frame.

Found this 16 x 20 frame at Goodwill. (Where else?) I was not heartbroken to take it apart. It had a gold finish I didn’t like, so I dry-brushed acrylic paint onto the frame for a textured look.

I cut up some wallpaper samples to create a collage of textures and patterns that were color-coordinated, and arranged them on the backboard.

I purchased a cheap set of drawer pulls, and added those to the collage by arranging them in a slightly offset pattern, attatching them with screws through the backboard, and reinforcing them with washers.

I put the finished board back in the frame and hung on the wall.

And added my jewelry by hanging them on the drawer pulls.

It has served me well for two years, and keeps my necklaces organized and accessible!


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