I Couldn’t Resist

One of my stops on my Busy Bag spree was actually Sears Appliance Outlet. Why would an appliance store sell crafting materials? They don’t. But they did have a banner outside announcing that they now sell apparel.  Well, I was curious.

When I stepped inside, there were dozens of racks of clothing, and nearly everything was $5 (except for coats and dresses). Some items were only $1. My “buy” price for clothing is typically $5 per piece (a dress counts as two pieces– SPLURGE), so I took a look around. What really caught my eye was the little girls’ section. They had some super cute clothes, and none were over $5.

I do have heights and weights for both of the kids, so I know approximately what size Rose wears. And if I bought at least 2 sizes too big, surely they’ll be home with us before they outgrow the clothes . . .

So I bought this for a grand $5. I think it’s pretty spectacular, especially from an Appliance Outlet!  Can you not see this glittery red velvet dress in next year’s church Christmas program?!

Then I came across this cute $5 shirt, with a fabric flower on the neckline. I only wish it was 10 sizes bigger! I also found some matching leggings for $3. The sweater was a remarkable Goodwill Outlet find, don’t you think? It’s a very nice heavy sweater in excellent condition, but weighs less than a pound, so I paid about $1 for it.

I know that we’re a ways off from bringing our children home, but it’s small things like this that remind me that they ARE coming! I couldn’t resist!


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