Buy Three Bags of Coffee, Get One Free

Do you love coffee? Perhaps a little too much? I came across this pin on Pinterest last night.

Ha! I love it . . . and am slightly frightened by it! 😉

We are selling coffee through Just Love Coffee to raise money for our adoption travel expenses. If you love Fair Trade coffee and want to help support our adoption, this weekend’s special is a great deal. Buy three bags of YOUR choice, and they’ll give you one bag of THEIR choice for free! We have LOVED all of their coffees. In fact, when we accidentally ran out of Just Love Coffee in Gatlinburg, we bought some Fair Trade coffee at the grocery store and regretted it! It was terrible compared to Just Love Coffee’s freshly roasted blends.

Just purchase three bags at our store, and after checkout, they’ll add a fourth bag. The special is only available today and tomorrow!


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