The Missing Smiles

Today, we received new pictures from our Congo Program Director of both kids. It’s the first picture that we’ve seen of Emmanuel since his intake photo, and only the second of Rose. No longer are their faces filled with strain and stress of being abandoned at an orphanage. Their feet are no longer bare, and their clothes are new and clean, instead of the ill-fitting and stained clothes they were wearing in the first pictures we had received from them.

Emmanuel is such a handsome boy. Rose’s cheeks are healthy and chubby, and her lips are plump and sweet. They are simply adorable.

But there is still something missing from their pictures: smiles. Rose’s eyes especially convey sadness. And why shouldn’t they? Those whom they loved and trusted most are gone, and they have been left in the care of an orphanage.

One of the things I look forward to most when we travel to the DRC is seeing the sad faces of these two precious children, soon to be our precious children, smile. To laugh. To blow bubbles. To jump rope and ride bikes. To color and play with sticker books. To eat an ice cream cone as it dribbles down their chin and hands. To enjoy some fun-filled Busy Bags. To get to just be kids. Who know they are loved. Who have no worries. Who smile.

We are still awaiting our court documents to come back to the United States. They have to be translated back into English so that we can correct them, so they can be translated back into French and be sent back to the court. Then we can begin the 30 day appeal period. It’s a minimum of 30 days, but could be much longer. It seems like after that, the process moves forward in many small but fairly quick steps.

Each step forward is a step closer to bringing smiles to two children who haven’t had the chance to smile enough.


3 thoughts on “The Missing Smiles

  1. Prayers for you all. The wait just stinks – but at the same time – is so amazing. You know that those kiddos are waiting for you at the end of this road. Love and prayers. I just have a little vision of maybe our kiddos being friends someday. And I love that.

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