I Love to Study

A guest post by Ken

There are a lot of things that I like about being a pastor. And perhaps one of my favorites is sermon preparation. I really enjoy the process. I think it’s the creativity and the sense of discovery that excites me so much.

I once was of the opinion that I just enjoyed the sound of my own voice – which greatly troubled me. But the more I reflect on the entire experience, the more I have come to appreciate that I really love the time spent in the study even more than the delivery itself.

People often ask me if I get nervous when it comes to preaching. The simple answer is, “No, I don’t.” Although it is true that the longer I have been in the ministry, the more I feel the gravity and responsibility of bringing the Word to a congregation.

But I love preparing a sermon. I love exploring how old dusty commentaries might bring illumination to a passage of scripture. I love the prayer time and the “dance” that is done with the text. Part of the interesting process is even “unlearning” what I already believe about a particular passage. Often times I must jettison what I think I know about a passage before the true meaning is allowed to surface. I love that! I love seeing something come to life that I have glossed over countless times before.

When I was younger I was afraid that I would run out of “good sermons”, but I no longer have that fear. Scripture has spoken time and time again. Seemingly “ordinary” passages have exploded off the pages and life changing truths have emerged. How can that ever get old?!

So this week forgive me if I forget to respond to an email or take a little longer to get back to you with a phone call, but this week I am preparing to preach for the Sunday morning sermon in “big church” and I am having a ball doing it.


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