A guest post by Ken.

I am sitting out on a deck of a cabin in Gatlinburg overlooking a valley below. It’s warm. The sky is clear blue and the birds are chirping. Buddy & Holly are helping me enjoy the day. If Robin were here instead of in some lecture hall, the day would be nothing short of perfect. However, if Robin were at this conference, I would not be enjoying this splendid day.

This day would also not be possible if someone hadn’t cleared this plot of land, built this cabin and rented it to us. We are able to enjoy this conference / vacation because someone had the vision to create this place for us – even though they have never met us. Sure this cabin is someone’s investment opportunity, but it also demonstrates vision. Someone looked at the side of this hill and thought, “That’s a perfect place to build a cabin.” It might have been easier to build down in the valley, but then we would not have this incredible view or relaxing privacy. It’s hard to say which I am enjoying more.

The same is true for my church. Our church. Any church really.

Our church exists because a group of believers said, “God is calling us to plant a church. We are going to build this sanctuary so that others will have a place of worship. We will gather a community so that help will be available in a time of need. We will sacrifice now so that those to come will know a season of blessing. We will plant and others will reap.”

This could also be said of our family. One of the other things that I am doing on this ideal day is writing thank-you notes. Short notes to express our appreciate for all those who gave so that Robin and I can be united with our children. I have put off the job because it is so daunting. There are so many who have given. Who have sacrificed. Not for their future but for ours. It’s truly humbling.

Soon Robin and I will know the joy of laughter echoing in our home. The thrill of little league and the agony of carpooling. We will get to experience the highs and lows of parenting because so many friends had the vision to look at us and think, “This is a good place to plant a family.”

Thank you for your vision and for believing in us.

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