Free-to-Me Fall Wreath

Back in the olden days, when I used to shop at Walmart, my favorite section was the fabric department. More specifically, the fabric clearance. They always had bolt after bolt of fabric at bargain prices, much of it $1 a yard. I made curtains, pajama pants, skirts, and various other projects. And with each project finished, and some that were never even started, I began to accumulate fabric scraps.

And it was out of the fabric scrap pile, and from the back of my coat closet, that I came up with a no-cost-to-me option for a fall front door wreath!

I bent a wire hanger into a circular shape. (By the way, isn’t that some spectacularly hideous fabric?)

Then I cut the fabric scraps into strips that were approximately 1 inch by 8 inches. Exact precision is not needed, which is another reason I like this project so much.

I tied the scraps of material in a pattern around the hanger, using around 120 scraps total.

I bent the hook of the hanger into the loop to help it to stay on the door more securely.

And in less than an hour, I had a new free-to-me fall wreath!


5 thoughts on “Free-to-Me Fall Wreath

  1. I have made a few of these wreathes in my time.. but i don’t remember how many yards it takes of the scrap all together.. do you know? Nice done by the way!

  2. I noticed a new wreath on the door. Well done!
    Just as a *giggle* P.S. I always hit the sports & camping aisle. Not sure wreath made out of brightly colored tent stakes would cut it….. 😉

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