My Husband, the Robot

When Ken was a little boy, people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. His answer was consistent: either an Indian or a robot.

I find that especially funny because his goals, by their very nature, were unattainable. But 7-year-old boys don’t usually think through such things. Eventually his dreams changed to more reasonable aspirations in education and ministry.

Fast forward 30 something odd years. A few years ago, Ken was teaching a General Psychology class at a local community college. One of the things he took his Psychology class through was Jung’s Personality Test, which evaluates a person for personality preferences for things such as extraversion versus introversion, or thinking versus feeling.

Ken has taken numerous personality tests before. And he always scores the same in one area: 100% thinking, 0% feeling.

His classes teased him, “What are you, some kind of robot?”

“Why, yes, thank you!”

Perhaps his childhood robot dreams weren’t so unattainable after all.


One thought on “My Husband, the Robot

  1. I wanted to be an Indian. And not just some papoose carrying squaw, I wanted to be a WARRIOR. So I started putting war paint on my face and running around the yard shirtless. Warriors do not wear shirts. Until their mothers remind them they’re girls and they must wear shirts. Warriors put up good fights (even at 4 years of age) but Mother Squaw won…… *sigh*

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