These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

You know it’s been a rough year when you ask your huband, “What’s been the highlight of our year?” and we subsequently stare at each other in silence for the next fifteen minutes. We finally came up with, “Food trucks?”.  But that’s not to say that there haven’t been joys and highlights from a few of our favorite things. Here are a few things that always bring me a smile.

My favorite . . .

  • Person: Ken
  • Ice cream: Chocolate fudge brownie
  • Musical: Sound of Music. There is no question about this.
  • Movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding — or Tommy Boy if Ken’s around, because I can’t torture him with any movie with the word “Bride” or “Wedding” in the title.
  • Restaurant: Old Hickory Steakhouse in Opryland Hotel
  • Food truck: Riff’s
  • TV Comedy: Modern Family
  • TV reality show: Survivor
  • Music: Chris Tomlin, Meredith Andrews, Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Color: clear . . . or bright pink, maybe turquoise
  • Cheese: Tillamook sharp cheddar
  • Pasttime: writing, crafting, bargain hunting
  • Song: Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (Part 2) by Jason Gray; One Less by Matthew West
  • Fruit: Farmer’s market peaches with balsamic vinegar and cajun seasoning (Don’t judge until you’ve tried it.)
  • Drink at Starbucks: grande single skinny raspberry mocha, no whip
  • Thing to do: Attend festivals around Nashville with Ken
  • Food Network stars: Adam Gertler. He may not be much of a cook, but he’s pretty hilarious!
  • City: Portland, OR
  • Beach: Cape San Blas
  • Book: My Utmost for His Highest
  • Sandwich: Bread and Company’s Steeplechase: turkey, blue cheese, green apple, with honey mustard
  • Outfit: tan striped city shorts with a teal square necked t-shirt
  • Olympic sport: ladies figure skating
  • Board game: Balderdash

So, what do you think? What are a few of your favorite things?


6 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. My favorite . . .

    Person: Karl
    Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s “Everything But the…”
    Musical: None
    Movie: Can’t narrow it to just one, honestly.
    Restaurant: Shintomi, in Green Hills
    Food truck: Riff’s
    TV Comedy: The Office
    TV reality show: Survivor
    Music: Stuck in the 80’s for the most part.
    Color: Royal blue
    Cheese: Gouda
    Pasttime: The dogs & bird, anything involving birds, especially raptors, and woodworking
    Song: Too many too pick just one.
    Fruit: Banana!
    Drink at Starbucks: Cinnamon dolce latte (& as a frap, too)
    Thing to do: Sports (when the bod cooperates), long drives with Karl, “sticking”
    Food Network stars: Andrew Zimmerman (is he Food Network or Travel?)
    City: St. Louis, MO (not for vacation, just my fav of the 8 where I’ve lived)
    Beach: Hawks Cay, FL
    Sandwich: BLT – substitute spinach for lettuce
    Outfit: Jeans & sweatshirt (cold weather chick)
    Olympic sport: Summer games: swimming & diving; Winter games: Luge & downhill
    Board game: Pictionary

    😀 That was fun, thanks Robin! Was great to read your list. There ARE always highlights tucked away. Even a lightning bug gives off a bit of brightness.

  2. Hmmm… I may steal this for a blog post for tomorrow, or sometime this week, at least! Btw — I LOVE Balderdash! We have got to get together and play sometime!

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