Sushi Wimp

After an exceptionally busy week last week, we finally had a chance to celebrate Ken’s birthday, in some other way than getting injections, by eating at our favorite sushi restaurant. For those of you who don’t like sushi, Wild Wasabi is the perfect sushi restaurant for you.

My favorite rolls are the Maui and Hawaiian, which have no raw fish, but instead have either cooked shrimp or crab, cream cheese, rice, etc., wrapped in soybean paper, and most importantly topped with FRUIT. It is so delicious! Ken got a “strawberry sweet” roll, which was similar, but did have some raw salmon in it. It was scrumptious!  He also got a “couple roll” which was way out of my league in the sushi category. Raw fish, seaweed, and I don’t know what else because while I can handle one or the other, the combination of the seaweed and raw fish is too much for me. Call me a sushi wimp. No, call me a fruit sushi wimp.

One of the best aspects about going to Wild Wasabi is the wait staff. There is one sweet waitress who remembers us, always asks us about hockey, and usually gives us a free appetizer. When she found out it was Ken’s birthday, she went to the back and brought out a gift for him — a box of chrysanthemum tea wrapped in a gift bag. Hmmm. I think she just outdid me as far as birthday gifts go . . . 

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Most of all, it was nice just to be able to finally have a couple of hours to spend together after a hectic summer and a crazy busy couple of weeks!


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