The past week has been a whirlwind of adoption activity. Paperwork has been flying around our household. Emails exchanged in rapid-fire sequence. We’re trying hard not to let anything drop!

Let me see if I can catch you up.

  • We unofficially accepted the referral for the sibling pair last week.
  • We’ve been working on putting together our referral packet to officially accept the referral, including notarization of documents (thanks Willard!) and writing one of the largest checks we’ve ever written.
  • Our home study was finished by Catholic Charities yesterday.
  • Our adoption agency approved our home study today.
  • We prepared our I 600a to send with our home study and supporting documents to immigration in Texas for preapproval for our adoption.
  • We’ve been working on a t-shirt design with the Hollingsworths at Brush of Air. (If all goes well, our t-shirts will be done for tomorrow evening!)
  • Tomorrow night is our first Gettin’ Chickin’ for Adoptin’ event at the Hermitage Chick Fil A! We’ve got a plethora of marketing materials!
  • We’re redoing our adoption prayer cards, since the ages of the children listed on the current cards are wrong. We’ll have them done tomorrow night . . . I hope.
  • We’ve received much support from family and friends. We’re honestly not quite sure where we stand financially at this point, as some money has been pledged but not received. Everything that we or our agency has received is reflected in our thermometer on the right.

Suddenly we feel like we’re in fast-forward mode! We’re excited about all that God is doing!


4 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. Hi! I came across your blog through We are Grafted In. We are also adopting from the DRC with One World Adoption. We are about the same place as you. But I am curious, how did you receive a referral before your homestudy was done? Did you already submit a Dossier without the homestudy? Our homestudy is just about done. Thanks!

    • It is a bit out-of-order, but it’s because we’ve sought out waiting children. These are children who are older, and who are siblings, who are more difficult to place. There are more children than families in the ages we were seeking (up to age 7). Our home study was also just an update to change the language for international adoption.

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