And Then There Were None

We received an email tonight from our adoption agency. The 3 year old girl and 6 year old boy we were hoping to adopt have been claimed by another family member who wants to try to raise them there in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Although we’ve not spoken much of them specifically, we really did hope that those were the two children we were to adopt.  We’re happy that they were reunited with family — we were just hoping that family would be ours.

So where does this leave us? Our agency will begin looking for a new referral for us. We still believe that we should adopt more than one child, and our hope is to keep siblings from being split up. Typically, there is no wait for a referral for children over 3 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, so we are hopeful that we will be matched again very soon. Our overall timeline will likely not even change.

But we must face the fact that it is another loss in what seems to be a pretty long string of losses this year.

Adoption is harder than it looks.

The cloak is feeling a little scratchy tonight.


5 thoughts on “And Then There Were None

  1. Continuing to pray with you that the Lord will bring the children he has chosen for your family home soon! So sorry for yet another loss in your journey.

    We love you!
    Erika and family

  2. Hugs! And prayers! I am confident that God is in control and we will all see His glory in how your story unfolds.

  3. This is SO HARD to believe! Why have your hearts been broken twice in such a short period of time…. You have been prayed for this morning. We’ll trust the Lord for further direction in your lives & planning.

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