December 1st

Our kids have now been officially reaged to 6 and 8, although their birth certificates will still be wrong. They will be changing grades and Addie changing schools, on Monday, November 26th. Are they ready? No. There is just too much to learn for kids who don’t speak English. And in the last week, Addie has: pushed another child down, hit a child, peed on her mattress purposely, had a wrestling match at school, ran out of the classroom multiple times, run around the room during lunch time, and stolen toys from her school.  Clearly she is acting out — over fear of her new school, or because she is testing boundaries, or because she is simply feeling like being a wild child. Not good news when she is getting ready to move to a more structured classroom. But ready or not, here they come!

Our department at work is going through reaccreditation next week. The importance of this process cannot be overestimated, nor can the amount of work. And with my boss’s sudden unexpected retirement, I have had to return to work full-time plus. There is just too much to do. Having Thanksgiving off is doubtful.

I cannot get over my pneumonia, which is no huge surprise, given the above. I have now had a productive cough and intermittent fever for 7 weeks.

The good news is that by December 1st, we will be past all of this. If I can just make it to December 1st.


5 thoughts on “December 1st

  1. A hope is that the structure is what she needs. Our G did so much better with less play and noise and distractions. The stimuli was too much. Quiet classroom with a teacher that has great class mange ament has turned our life around. We will continue to pray for transitions and healing in Jesus name for your chest. Get help, take help, attachment will happen over time, right now you need to get well. Call anytime, Colleen

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