Today’s Appointments

Our ENT audiologist appointment went well this morning. We took Addie to the place I used to work, and loved. I was able to watch Addie in the sound booth, and give pointers for dealing with her distractability. Her results came out a little inconsistent, but most resembled mild sensorineural hearing loss. The audiologist recommended I practice with Addie on what she’s supposed to do during a hearing test, and return for another test in a month.

I thought since the loss was mild, not even worth putting a hearing aid on Addie, that there was no real point in repeating the test that soon. Dr. Fortune agreed. He thinks the mild hearing loss, in light of her medical history, is expected.  He recommended following up in a year to ensure it’s not getting worse. He felt like it didn’t cause her developmental delays, but was part of the overall picture.

This afternoon was Addie’s echocardiogram at Vanderbilt. While we still don’t have final results, I watched the echo, and talked with the tech afterwards about what we saw. Of course, she’s not allowed to give me results, but she did drop some pretty good hints. She told me the cardiologist had already glanced at it as we were getting ready to leave and the indication that we were sent there for (an enlarged heart) should not concern me. I asked her if the appearance of the enlarged heart was due to poor positioning of Addie during the original x-ray, and she said that I sure sounded like I knew what I was talking about. (It was an AP x-ray, rather than a PA.) Vague, but positive.

We haven’t heard anything about the enlarged bone marrow, but knowing her heart is normal (I’m pretty sure) makes me feel much better about her bone marrow. Hopefully we’ll hear final results about the echocardiogram and from hematology/oncology about her bone marrow tomorrow and have some next steps.

We’re very thankful for the good news about Addie’s hearing, although still wondering  if there is any specific reason why she is so delayed, and if there is any part of her delay that we can fix as we look at getting her into elementary school. We’re even more thankful that we don’t have to add an enlarged heart to her list of problems.

Thank you all for your outpouring of love and prayers today. We felt them.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Appointments

  1. That’s so good to hear! YOU NEEDED A DAY LIKE TODAY! We are still following along and praying for all the specifics. Love you!

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